The dependable producer of Almen Strips
Our Almen Strip characteristics consistently exceed AMS S-13165 and SAE J442 requirements.

The lot-to-lot and heat-to-heat physical and metallurgical properties of Hope Supply Almen Strips have minimal variation resulting in predictable repeatable saturation curves and arc heights in production. These Almen Strips are produced with modern steel-making methods which heat treat the metal in its finished flat state resulting in a very flat strip that has equal residual stresses on both sides of the strip.

The absence of a surface stain pattern makes it easier to identify peening coverage on the Hope Supply Almen Strips and their appearance is reported to be more acceptable for outside auditor reviews.

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Hope Supply was started in 1991 to produce and sell Almen Strips, used for manufacturing process control of precision shot peening. Typical end users of Almen Strips are industrial shops which shot peen components like turbine blades, gears, springs, and others where control of shot peening is critical. For these, shot peening is done to introduce surface stress and, thereby, improve fatigue life of the component.

The Standards to which the Almen Strips conform are MIL-S-13165C, AMS-S13165, SAE J442, and Decarb per SAE J442 Para. 6.3 Surface Carbon. Certificates of conformance are supplied with each shipment of Almen Strips, at no extra charge. These Strips are produced and sold in three standard thicknesses identified as “A” (.051″), “N” (.031″), and “C” (.094″).

Hope Supply manages production process controls and all finished inventory. The Company also supplies analog and digital Almen Strip Gages as well as Almen Strip Holders, commonly referred to as Almen Blocks. Hope Supply has enjoyed a steadily increasing market share. Generous inventory in its Hillsdale, Michigan, facility allows shipments of Almen Strips within one business day of order receipt. Consistent quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing have stimulated the Hope Supply’s growth.

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