Almen Strips

Hope Supply proudly offers Almen Strips that consistently meet or exceed specifications called out in SAE J442,  AMS2430T.  Our Almen Strips also meet specification AMS-S-13165 although this spec is no longer a relevant specification in shot peening. 

Our Premium Almen Strips (“A-1S” and “N-1S”) also meet SAE J442 and AMS 2432D.

We are excited to announce that ALL of our Almen Strips have the heat number and size printed directly on the strip for ease of lot traceability.  Almen Strips are lightly lubricated for shipment.  Our Almen Strips are always packaged in rust inhibitive plastic re-closeable bags prior to being packaged in cartons or bulk boxes.

Almen Strips can be packaged in cartons of 50 strips each (25 strips each for our “C” Almen Strips) or bulk packaged in boxes of 1,000 each (500 strips for our “C” Almen Strips).

Almen Strips are sold in increments of 50 strips.  Pricing is determined upon size, grade, quantity purchased and packaging requirements.

Certifications of Conformance are included with every shipment of Almen Strips, free of charge.  Each certification is detailed with your order information and are specific to your shipment.

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